RWC /Wicks Touring Organ Diary 6 - 8-7-11 to 10-15-12

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Bob finally showed up a few days ago for an hour, then left, and has not returned, despite several basically “I’ll be right there promises.”
He claims he will launch into wiring up a bunch of connectors upon his return.

Bob has not returned after his two hours here. He claims to be doing aerobic court time with his attorney wife on two cases of theirs. More yikes. I have offered to have her do my lien on Rodriques. We’ll see if she calls me within the day. If not, off to another attorney. I passed altogether on the lien. I wish I had a back-up for the organ work, I do not.

In a moment of utter surprise, Bob made it over today and did some wiring, He promises to return tomorrow, Sunday, after church.

Bob showed up a few days ago, came the next day after putting in about 2 hours total, and I gave him a little money. He is supposed to return Tuesday Nov 1st. This is similar to the never-get-there bit with Joe on the KiloKub.

Bob has not returned, despite a few lame promises in the interim to do so. I think this is about money, He must be getting some or more elsewhere right now.

In consistent fashion, Bob has failed to return for any number of reasons for the last 5 scheduled dates.

With yet another issue (his wife has shingles), Bob has again not shown up. I need to look around.

After several attempts, I spent over an hour on the phone with Blaine Ricketts, talking about pix I had sent, sending him more pix, and discussing wire by wire while on the phone. I have more understanding now, and might be able to just forge ahead myself on this part of the wiring.
I still want Organ Bob to come here and explain himself and his scheme. Clearly, I cannot in ANY way count on him to show up and finish this. Just getting him here to explain his plan will help. But I WILL go forward now with this.

Bob miraculously called and claimed to be coming Monday at 9 AM. He then called tonight, wanting to blow it all off, citing my deleterious comments on the above organ diaries.
I noted I had only reported a small percentage of his actual and factual no shows, and otherwise had said nothing deprecating.
I promised I would remove all negative comments from the website, and have sent Derek a stern request to do it tonight if possible.
After some gnashing of teeth, Bob has again promised to come tomorrow and make this happen.
All right then.
Meanwhile, I have had several conversations (LONG) with Blaine Ricketts since Friday, and Blaine sent me a Telephone Co wiring code for my usage when I do the wiring. Bob can also explain this coding to me.

Derek did remove the website diaries from 3/12/10 on. SSO the last TWO years of his no-shows have been removed. This is taking SOOOOOOOOOO long.
Bob showed the next day for an hour or so, off the clock per his words, and went home to do some machining on a sealing strip of wood, to return the following day.
As of today, he has not returned, although he promised to do so in a call to him last night.

So in typical fashion, an hour here after months of no-shows, and now a week of no-show again. Organ Bob wants good publicity from me. He has not earned it with this preposterous lack of diligence. He has problems at home. No doubt.
I have problems here, and I’ll just have to handle them myself, as usual.

Talked with Organ Bob this morning, who explained his nearly two weeks of no show on “ordering brass inserts” from Erie, PA.

Still no Bob, despite two more messages.
The inserts are NOT the problem nor the reason for his delay. We can get these at a local hardware store.
I will call Ricketts tonight and beg him again for a mercy visit on my dime.

I took off almost two years of bad reports from my website on his lack of attendance at his urging, and now he continues to NO SHOW.

I reached Bob today, and he is going out of town. He promises he will be returning here for the run to the finish, commencing April 24th, 2012.
Stay tuned.

Bob showed last Tuesday for about 20 minutes, promising to return to work to completion starting the following day.

I left one last message the other day for Bob, asking if we were going to have a working organ for my birthday. I then came to the conclusion yesterday that Bob was NEVER coming, and shifted my brain to how and who will help. And, like clockwork, Bob called and claimed to be coming tomorrow at 9 AM.
OK then.

The organ did NOT get done for my birthday, OBVIOUISLY. Bob has shown up three times for a total of 13 hours or so since 6/7/12. He has changed his mind several times on using/not using the big connectors. He has earned about $400 in this time, not yet collected, and I doubt he expects to see any of it unless he finishes.
It is beyond maddening to just not get something rolling and run through to completion. I don’t know that I have the understanding at this point to just sit down behind the console and start twisting wires onto posts. I was doing this stuff in 1993!!!! But with some counseling from Ricketts and a little time, I am certain I can figure it out, and could finish off at least the wiring.
Ricketts is swamped up north, so there is little realistic hope of seeing him in the near future for help here.
I may call around and see if any other techs exist who are willing to do this reasonably.
I am going to attempt to get Bob here once more and LABEL each area and where the wiring is to run, so that I can do some or all of it.

So now 4 months later, Bob has shown up perhaps for 2 hours total. Oh, of course there have been the promises that the NEXT time, within an hour, all will be playing, etc. There really is nothing I can think of or do at this point to prod him into action. I suppose I COULD threaten to spend a thousand dollars and take out deprecating ads in the Diapason, etc. It is just CRAP that I cannot find someone else to move this along. So again, it appears I will have to figure it out and do it myself. Life is so short, and wallowing in this fetid swamp of unprofessionalism is just not fun, not even a little.

What appears to be a giant leap for mankind: Ed Burnside and Ken Kukuk spent 3 hours here, sorting through the morass of Patterson’s ADD work. Bob has SO much crap going SO many directions. Nothing labeled, nothing set out in order, just masses of wiring running ALL over the place. This could have been SO much easier, direct, simple.
In any event, it appears that I needed to take charge of what needs doing, what goes where, etc. In fairness, these guys have not seen THIS instrument before, so I would be the person to do that.
I offered them an amount to complete it, and they appeared dismayed, I upped it 50%, and they are thinking about it.
There are a LOT of ciphers (notes continuing to play with no request to do so), and it appears half at least are just dirt in the valves. There are numerous chest leaks (Bob said all was sealed).
So at least some step has been taken, and hopefully these good guys will find it in their hearts to finish this off.

Ed and Ken are scheduled to start Wednesday Oct 24th at 8 AM. I have prepaid for a bunch of connectors, and given each a sizable deposit on their labor. So their job is a little more than half paid for in advance.
I hope to be showing progress photos REAL soon.