I love my work

I love my work
and I hate the business
it's dangerous to let money
define one's isness
but I think we all do it.
We lose our perspective
we don't see through the glass
if our days were now ending
and this breath was our last
we might see that life is enough.
It can be grand
or be tough
the ride can be exciting and wild
it can be predictable and mild
it can be downright depressing.
But if the guns had gone off
and our urine ran free
and suddenly we found
that we were and alive and could see
well then bus exhaust would be so beautiful.
It's a pecking order from hell
especially in LA
we're assaulted with excess
and so each, in his way
tries to be unique and successful......
But competing with Rolls
is more than just stressful
it's a ticket to hell
because if we're not physically or mentally well
then no pile of evidence brings peace.