Tightrope 6/28/88


The tightrope is pulled taut over the pit of complaint, unhappiness, and negative thinking.
The tightrope is the path of happiness, joyous thinking, positive thoughts.

At first, in my life, I ran down the rope, not even considering there was anything else.  In my late teens, and in to my early thirties, I forgot about the rope and spent a great deal of time in the turmoil of the pit, suffering, whining and complaining, promoting  the chorus of cries about how bad life is, chiming in with the incantations of those masses of complainers around me.

I now see life as a challenge to stay on the rope.  It's exciting  and at times difficult.  In earlier times, I tried carrying too much, juggling too many things while on the rope.  Maintaining balance  (Happiness and Joy) is easier with less excess to handle on the rope.
It's not a long fall from the rope, and the injury isn't lethal, but it is sometimes difficult to break the clutches and pullings of the complaining masses to climb back on the rope.
The view from the rope is wonderful.

There is only one rule on the rope:  ACCURACY IS ECSTASY.  No amount of fantastic (fantasy) thinking works better than accurate observation.

Dealing with life on the rope from an accurate perspective yields the most absorbing, concentrated, rewarding experience.
Good friends greatly support and enhance one's balance on the rope. 
Thank you for your support and balance.