RT RUN 12/25/99

It's Gorillas in the Mist
spectacular's just the grist
for this competition mill.
Don't matter if you're bleeding
injured, sick or ill
it's a test of your mettle
and once we heat the kettle
only grit and will survive.
You leap and stretch and dive
pulling muscles, joints and hips
you get nailed with the overheads
in your legs and chest and lips
glasses are torn from your face
you run at a furious pace
hematomas rise on you butt
you run until your
lungs and legs and gut
feel like they're going to burst
'course all of this all occurs
during just the very first
They call this fun
we've got our own name
it's war out there
on that concrete tennis plain.
We're looking for improvement
some clay and more of misting
so that when the rallies lengthen
and our equilibrium's listing
we might get a wee small bit of help
from the surface and the air.
Meanwhile it's hot and humid and sweaty
just hitting nice and steady
won't do it out here, Teddy
you better just be ready
to bleed slower than your opponent.