The indoor waterfall
is not pleasant, not at all
and particularly galling in that
the annoying splish-splat
was occurring on the bed.
Here we were
freshly wed
the reception had ended only hours before
there at 3
Millie and me
laying asleep and exhausted
only to have our tempers frosted
by water dripping in a dozen places in the house.
God, I was pissed
I do great work for my clients
and I was missed
left unprotected by ramshackle work
left to fume and do the mop up work
while gallons upon gallons of water poured in on the hardwood floors
Was I made, was I sore
that doesn’t even
to tally the score
I was livid
the anger vivid
the rage and disappointment supreme
here the night of what should have been the cream

on the beautiful wedding just before
became yet another devastating and maddening chapter
of what does and doesn’t matter
and it DOES matter to me this time.
I’m the client
this time reliant
on the professionalism of my own workers and crew.
And what I got
would cause my clients to sue
utter wreckage and destruction
of the prior weeks’ construction
the painting and insulation a drywall just wasted.
If I was the prize turkey
I just got basted
I wasn’t dressed and presented
so now it is I who has resented
this incredible and stupid oversight by my men.
To hell with it now
my darling and I shall go fly
we’re off to ski for our honeymoon
and incumbent is that I say good-bye
to this kind of stupidity and worry and concern.
Deep in my heart
I, of course, still yearn
for a house where I can feel secure
a place when the rains thunder outside
I don’t have to awake at full stride
running crazy and pissed
to see if I’ve missed
yet another indoor waterfall.