It’s Spring 99
it’s coming up on Funnycar time
time to put on the boots and start the climb
to scale the challenging acceleration peak.
Been to the Winternationals
immersed myself in race car speak
watched the million dollar teams
leave costly oil streaks
through the quarter mile and into the sand trap.
For my operation, one thing’s been good
since I blew the engine in 96
all I’ve done is stack the wood
been building the HUGE garage to house the operation.
It has been a forced vacation
from the exhilaration I so dearly love
but without those funds there ain’t no glove
no car around the hand clutching the wheel.
A lots been done, without going racing
along with miles of thinking and pacing
there’ve been endless little tasks
all of which get masked
when the car lights it up in the water box.
There’ve been two motors to rebuild from scratch
two transmissions, with precision to match
fix the rear end, stop the leak
give the body yet a little more tweak
prime that smoothie, sand it slick
prepare it for the paint so trick.
Reassemble the car to insure all fits well
then tear it apart so the chassis looks swell
yes, lots of powder-coating, plating, polishing, cleaning
all those time-consuming tasks that give the racing such meaning
the nearly endless rubbing that surrounds the running
the fodder for the rhyming
so that when the clocks get timing
those 7.50’s are well-supported....very, very deep.
The lofty peak of performance
is indeed quite steep
filled with countless challenges, veritably replete
with a zillion little things that MUST be done
all so that we can tow that rig and go have fun
Yup, it’s a Funnycar Spring, here in 1999.