Free Form Freak Out 10/18/82

And so it came to pass
one called the other ass
from whence did this epithet rain?
Across the verdant plain
o'er the charred hills of Topanga
through laser wires of Pacific tel
came threats to financially bang ya.
Retorts are retorts to something
they don't just get created to sting
without imagined cause of effect.
Where, oh where, is the source
of all this misguided force?
What is the part and parcel
that sources this folly and farcel?
I think this pattern is not premeditated
but comes from lack of practice.
It ain't that evil backs it
what lacks is the expertise
at being joyous and nice.
in response to this brand of attack
we all react with flack.
To nip it in the bud
we've got to give a hug
embrace the context not the contents
and not get sidetracked by the noise.
It must be quite a shock
after being a rock
to find no tact
dealing with one important fact:
being nice takes practice
optimism is a skill
the profound fact is
it's harder to nourish than kill.
Others need to feel appreciated.
To lounge in the shade
we all must turn the spade
and prepare to the soil well
or the tree will go to hell
and we'll just have no place to hide
This is the cost of too much pride.
Underneath it all
we can have a real ball
deep inside we can play
not cause others to pay
for our own well-intentioned lacks.
It's just no fun
to have someone run
their inadequacies on us like hail
push and shove us into a pail
piss and moan and wail
and blame us for their pain.
And yet, WE ALL DO IT.
Love is not in vain,
it's the stabilizing core
that let's all of us experience more
than we could by ourselves.
There are three levels of upset
the issue, ourselves, and our pet.
Handle the first, be responsible  for the second
and gently look for the loving solution for the third.
And like a twig in the mouth of a bird
the annoyance can build a nest for more enjoyment.