Arbitration 6/6/96

There we were
on the 23rd floor
around a 1000 SF table
the knight and the whore
doing battle as we must
not so much for just
but rather to see who wins.
She’s committed mortal fiscal sins
she led me down the path
I’ve had some VERY rude surprises
I’ve already taken a knee-deep blood bath
and now her lawyer slashes in’s arbitration time.
Harman fucked me
oh he did it good
he didn’t put connections on certain wood
he piled brick and rocks
in place of solid concrete blocks
he lied to me
got paid by three
and now I’m paying for something I didn’t do.
Cook is way off
that much is true
she had really no basis whatsoever
for what she’s trying to do
she gave me every indication
she would pay
she signed yet another contract
and then she’d say
that she had NO intention of paying me at all.
What nerve, what gall
what unmitigated crap
I served her on her promise to fund
I stretched myself
until there was none
and then she hammered me like a vinyl-coated sinker.
It’s really her son
who is the major league stinker
she’s a lunatic, a nut case
and tweety bird worthy of being caged
but it was Bill
her prick-faced son
who drew the gun
and all the shit came down after that.
She and I never had a spat
we laughed and joked
and despite all that
she screwed me big time, where it hurts.
She’s done 80 grand of remodel work
with a twerpy near-virgin brand-new contractor
I gave her everything I had
and the sacrifice factor
added up to eating it majorly in the shorts.
She had TONS of work that we would do
I could have made decent living for a year
instead of getting aerobically screwed
.....I’d be 100K richer for not taking 5 jobs last year.
Miller stuck it right in my ear
he shafted me for 14K
and in the similar way
took my insurance for another 35 grand.
He made 50 thou
for screwing me, and how
he has no conscience at all, it seems.
And in like kind
Nancy Snider reams
she’s going for yet another ten thousand this time
making me rope up for yet another climb
through the crevices and sink holes
of the contracting nightmare.
Good old Carl left me there
no protection, hanging bare
getting raped by the bitch
boy wouldn’t it be  a switch
for me to finally get someone who really owes ME?
Williams is doing it, too
they’ve gotten thousands for free
they owed me 12K at the end
yet the court did a 180 back bend
and has ordered me to pay nearly 6 grand.
I made an appeal

took my stand
the Board ignored me completely
and now they hand
me a suspension if I don’t pay.
What a time, what a day
what a week
I wanna go play
wanna sand the bondo
on the haunches of the Qwik-Dick rocket
dream of having
some change in my pocket
think of nicer times and thoughts
try to break the habit of what’s not
and create a life anew
having learned on the campus of SCREW-U
put my post-doctoral degree
to some use, and hopefully
never have to write another poem like this.