RWC /Wicks Touring Organ Diary 2 - 9/6/09 to 3/12/10

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I had posted my “organ diary” through 7/26/09 on the website. In a stunning and miraculous turn of events, I got a call the other night about 9:45 PM from a fellow named Bob Patterson, who apologized for calling so late. He said he had just been on my website and had taken note of my “travails” in attempting to get help on the project. He is an organ tech, mainly with electronic instruments, confirmed he knew only too well how difficult it is to get help to show up, and said he would be willing to come look. He arrived promptly the next morning at 9:30 AM and we spent a couple of hours listening to recordings of the organ, talking shop, and then pulling the organ apart as possible. This was basically my labor, inspired by his presence. It was a lot of rat-poop vacuuming, inspecting the parts, and doing a much-needed cleaning. We concurred on essentially everything about what needed to be done, in what order, and how much it would take. I clearly noted to him I had NO money whatsoever. He dismissed that immediately saying he was sure I would be good for it, that this instrument was a deserving and interesting piece, and would enjoy being of help. He said he firmly believes God works in wondrous ways.


A wonderfully chatty fellow with deep experience and talents, Bob will provide the essential catalyst for making this instrument finally breathe (literally) again.


After much delay, Bob showed up the other day, and we spent several hours arranging parts, and making some decisions. A great suggestion by him was to relocate the 16” Faggotts back IN the organ, and move the smaller Celeste rank OUT. John and I will do that while I wait for about $300 to order up some ducting. We removed about 20 LF of rat-pooped and swiss-cheese duct, set the three regulators in their intended positions, and made some observations about 100-pin Molex connectors. Bob will return in a few weeks, and during that time I’ll work on the reconfiguration of the ranks.

Bob got in touch with Wicks and has ordered the complete file on the organ by instrument #4434 designation.

Bob has yet to call Blaine Ricketts, but has pretty much decided on the configuration of regulators, etc. We confirmed the specs of the blower at 1/3 HP and 6” of static pressure, both good. Bob will confirm the amount of ducting needed in a few days.

Called Patterson today, who said he would come over three days before Christmas, and was awaiting some materials being shipped from Wick’s or others. It is clear I need to continue to “remind” him to stay on this project. I’m grateful for his support, but said support needs support.

In a depressing continuation of past failures, Patterson has NOT shown up. So it is now 45 days later, and nothing. He certainly means well, is knowledgeable, and all that. But if he doesn’t show, noting gets done.

I am not out of work again, so I have the time, and a little cash left over, to have him work. The Dodge scenario appears to be nearing its end, so there might be cash there within a month.

I have been working through the paperwork jungle, paying bills, getting current on Medicare payments, scheduling procedures, etc., so I really have not had a huge amount of dead time. Well, I COULD have passed on the hours of Australian Open tennis I have been watching….

Patterson has come a few times, and has started actual work on the chest, testing valves, etc. He is shooting to have the organ working by Easter.