II have always liked the early Stude pickups, as they are unusual, attractive, and rare. I had also dreamed for years of creating a 1000 cubic inch twin-engined monster. The truck WAS to have two 502 Mercruisers in the rear in tandem, connected to a funnycar-rated Powerglide trans, and then connected to a Ford truck transfer case. But things change, and NOW it is a THREE-engined affair, using (3) 400 HP LS-1 computer-controlled injected all aluminum small blocks and totaling 1050 cubic inches going through the Powerglide and a custom transfer case by Rob Moore of Nitro Driveline. Scott's HotRods in Ventura built their in-house coil-over IFS (Independent Front Suspension) with power rack, and installed their own 4-link rear using my Mark Williams 96000 series metallurgical artwork rear end.Tires, per the pix, are 31.5 x 18 x 15 Mickey Thompson Sportsmans in the rear on Convo pro rims. The fronts are 15 x 8.5 convo pros, with matching MT rubber. The gold ring versions have yet to be procured.The interior will be custom bucket seats, Ididit tilt column (with 4 u-joints), an all electronic simple Ultra-dash, and probably red leather. Al&Ed's Auto Sounds has promised a complimentary mega system in trade for SEMA exposure. The running gear will use a Chevy small pump/remote reservoir power steering, and 4-piston Mark Williams calipers on 11.5" discs.The heating and air system has morphed into an Old Air package. The engines were intended to use Vortech YSI blowers, but after almost two years of working on the install, it was decided the truck already had WAY too much horsepower at 1200, so they are eliminated. Color is to be Viper Red. The cab body will be left essentially stock, but the hood, fenders rear frame and bed have all been mightily changed, as the rendering shows. The truck as of this writing is FINALLY RESCUED from the thieving idiot Joe Montalto, supposedly but never getting the second stage of rough bodywork done. This was 5 years and $50K lost. I am doing the bodywork myself, and it is coming along. Read the 15 diaries for the progression of this build.



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